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Get training now for your best job tomorrow

Colleges and universities in the Wichita area have a diverse range of programs to suit your interests and fit your schedule, and you can start as early as January 2021. If you’re unsure of what area to pursue, the Wichita Workforce Center provides skills assessments and career guidance free of charge and can identify what training funds you qualify for. From logistics to teaching, your next move in Wichita awaits. Click on a school's logo to learn more about what programs they offer. 

Get trained. Get paid. Contact the Wichita Workforce Center now to get started. Call 316-771-6800 or chat by clicking the icon at the bottom of your screen. 


The “Get Trained. Get Paid.” campaign was developed to keep and support the Wichita region’s world-class workforce. This initiative connects local training and job opportunities to those who were affected by layoffs. Community partners collaborating on this campaign include the City of WichitaGreater Wichita PartnershipSedgwick County and Workforce Alliance.

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