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A Quick Pivot: Joining in the Fight Against a Pandemic

A lot can happen in three days. You could travel to the moon, watch this video more than 4,000 times or attempt to eat one of everything off of Doo Dah Diner’s menu. Local company Automation-Plus managed to complete a vital task in only three days: its team developed a crucial component of COVID-19 testing kits.

Automation-Plus is a local manufacturing company with a specialization in the aerospace industry developing inkjet marking systems. (You know those “best by” dates on your cans of soup? Automation-Plus prints things like that, but on much more complicated objects than cans.) When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, its employees were working on projects within the food and defense industries, so their work was deemed essential.

On Monday, March 23, CEO Sheryl Wohlford received a call from one of Automation-Plus’ long-time partners – they needed COVID-19 test kits marked, and fast. Because their partner was familiar with Automation Plus’ unique specialty and ability to pivot quickly, they knew this Wichita team would be the perfect fit for the job. Sheryl’s team hopped on a call that Wednesday to determine the specs and make sure they had the right machines. By Friday, the finished project was being sent out the door.

It was big – I asked the team if we could meet the challenge. Everyone said, ‘Absolutely.’ There was a sense of pride knowing the impact it would have. –Automation-Plus President Sheryl Wohlford

Because of Automation-Plus’ willingness to pivot on a dime, it was able to assist in critical work to fight COVID-19 on a national scale. The team also began using its 3-D printers to produce face shields for local first responders, without a second thought. It’s companies like Automation-Plus that make this region the relentlessly original place to work, live and play.

There's no place we'd rather be. –Automation-Plus President Sheryl Wohlford


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