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A Vibrant and Varied Economy

Choose to work in Wichita and join companies who are recognized as leaders in their industries. From advanced manufacturing to IT, and healthcare to logistics, opportunities are open now. Companies across all fields are looking for individuals with market-ready skills, passion and creativity to enable innovation and success.

A Diverse Employment Field

From large corporations to small businesses, Wichita hosts a diverse array of industries and professions. Aviation leads the way in terms of size — Spirit AeroSystems and Textron Aviation combine to employ over 20,000 people in Wichita. These highly-skilled employees deliver 39% of all general aviation airplanes built in the U.S. and nearly a third of all global general aviation deliveries. And, in every business category, the need for technologists continues to rise.

Wichita's Major Private Employers
1. Spirit AeroSystems, Inc.


2. Textron Aviation


3. Ascension Via Christi


4. Koch Industries


5. Johnson Controls


An Entrepreneurial Culture

Wichita is home to hundreds of unique start-ups and small businesses, all helping to forge a vibrant business culture where new ideas and solutions are embraced. Resources and tools for business owners continue to expand with co-working spaces, and start-up incubators. New ideas find support through the entrepreneurial-focused organization NXTUS and from institutional programs, including the Innovation Campus at Wichita State University.

The Big Three: Wichita's Leading Employment Sectors

Revolutsia in College Hill

Advanced Manufacturing/Materials and Aviation

Wichita’s historic leadership in aerospace production has helped make its name ‘The Air Capital of the World’, but the city’s overall manufacturing legacy is just as established. As materials, processes and capabilities advance, all manufacturing-focused industries benefit. Today’s workplaces are a far cry from 20thcentury factories, with modern facilities characterized by high-end, multi-million-dollar machinery, automated processes, strict adherence to efficiency and safety protocols, and a diverse highly-trained workforce. The region boasts many exciting support efforts for training, continuing education and industry leadership.

  • Wichita is home to the National Center for Aviation Training (NCAT), a world-class training facility providing hands-on, real-world training in the areas of general aviation manufacturing and aircraft and power plant mechanics.
  • Wichita State University’s Innovation Campus is at the forefront of engineering and technology development, and with corporate partners including Airbus and Dassault Systemes on campus, the opportunities for students to smoothly transition from school to a career are better than ever.

Leading Regional Manufacturing Companies

Leading Regional Aviation Companies


Ranked as the number one metro area for digital service job growth and among the top 20 best cities for remote workers, Wichita is becoming one of the fastest-growing tech centers in the United States. Home to tech companies such as Koch Industries – one of the largest privately held companies in the world – and several avenues to grow and develop, working in Wichita just makes sense.

  • Not only will you find a job, you’ll find ample resources to improve your skill, too. Across all higher education institutions in the region, seventeen IT programs offer a variety of learning opportunities ranging from certifications all the way to graduate degrees.
  • Innovation is required to keep up with the constantly evolving technology industry. Organizations like Dev ICT and Open Wichita host bootcamps, meetups, hackathons and other innovated ways to improve your skills and be miles ahead of competition.

Leading Regional Technology Companies

Learn more about the region's careers in tech by visiting the Choose Wichita blog.

Revolutsia in College Hill

Transportation and Logistics

Conveniently located in the center of the United States at the confluence of major interstate and railroad systems, Wichita is perfectly positioned to serve as a critical hub, connecting suppliers and customers in all corners of the country. The greater Wichita region is home to an array of innovative transportation and logistics firms engaging in warehousing, distribution and supply chain management. Plus, 90 percent of U.S. markets are within a three-day drive. With plenty of room to grow both economically and geographically, it’s the ideal location for a career in transportation and logistics.

  • Local institutions WSU Tech and Butler Community College offer programs in logistics and supply chain management to further your education, professionally develop and stick out from the competition.

Leading Regional Transportation and Logistics Companies

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