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Wichita hits above its fighting weight in fun. Music fanatics, self-proclaimed foodies, art aficionados and outdoor lovers all find plenty to explore. A crossroads of culture, industries and influences creates a vibrant city life. Wichita is a mashup of urbanites, independently-minded mid-westerners, and salt-of-the-earth citizens never content to sit back and let others do. This mix of multi-taskers makes it possible to enjoy a robust mix of classic cultural attractions next to trendy hot spots.

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Get your culture on. Explore more than 30 museums and attractions.
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Find out what’s happening now, soon and seasonally.
Line up the menus and dig in. Discover worldwide cuisine around the corner.
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Make enough to enjoy where you live. Learn more about Wichita job options.

Embrace big sky country. Find your paths, golf courses and parks here.
Outdoor Fun
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Step out, step in and step up with a career path that leads to Wichita.

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