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It’s not often a place strikes the right balance between affordability and accessibility. Many people sacrifice either affordable housing or cultural amenities. In larger cities, it’s common to overpay for smaller living spaces with little left for enjoying all the culture has to offer. People who move to Wichita say it’s the best of both worlds — an affordable location, plenty to see and do, and more money to travel everywhere. Just listen to this local's perspective.

Comparison Guide

Use the chart below to compare various cost of living factors and tap the image to download the full comparison guide. 

Salary Equivalents

With the region's low cost of living, your money goes further. If your salary is a little less in Wichita, don't worry - you're not making less because expenses such as groceries, housing and healthcare will likely cost less. In fact, you're getting the best bang for your buck in one of the cheapest places to live. Use the chart below to determine the salary equivalent of $50,000 in Wichita.

If you're making $50,000 in Wichita, you must make... To maintain the same standard of living in...
$82,802Los Angeles, CA
$56,319Dallas, TX
$52,143Kansas City, MO
$46,099Oklahoma City, OK
$60,714Denver, CO

Source: C2ER Cost of Living Index, 2022 Annual Averages

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