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Five Facts About Bigfoot Brian

At the start of the holiday season, a 7-foot tall bigfoot suddenly appeared in downtown Wichita. He’s been spotted at local shops and restaurants in the urban core, meeting new people and posing for photos. What’s the deal? Here are five things to know about the #RelentlesslyOriginal Bigfoot Brian roaming downtown.

bigfoot brian in downtown wichita, kansas at public at the brickyard

He loves selfies.

Brian’s photogenic smile and effortless good looks make him a natural at taking selfies. If you can track him down, take a selfie and share using #BigfootBrian and #DowntownWichita.

bigfoot brian in downtown wichita, kansas at lucinda's in old town square
Bigfoot Brian thoroughly enjoyed his time at Lucinda's in Old Town Square.

He’s a wanderer.

Bigfoot Brian doesn’t like to stay in one place for too long. With so many unique events to explore in downtown Wichita, he wants to get to as many as possible before they’re gone. If you follow @DowntownWichita on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you’ll have better luck tracking him down.

He’s promoting all there is to do in downtown Wichita.

When Brian arrived in the city, he enjoyed it so much that Downtown Wichita hired him as an ambassador to hang out at different businesses and events. Explore holiday happenings in downtown at

bigfoot brian in downtown wichita, kansas at intrust bank arena

Brian loved listening to Trans-Siberian Orchestra at INTRUST Bank Arena. He was impressed by the number of cool venues and shows Wichita has to offer.

He’s from the east coast.

He heard about the relentlessly original Wichita lifestyle after graduating from Bigfoot University in New York and just had to experience it for himself. He’s found plenty to do here and is impressed with the diversity of living options and innovative workplaces.

He’s a foodie.

Luckily for Bigfoot Brian, there are a plethora of unique, local restaurants here to please his appetite. He’s enjoyed delicacies at Public at the Brickyard and River City Brewery, but he’s looking to satisfy his sweet tooth. A toasty caffeine kick sounds pretty good, too. Who knows where his appetite for one-of-a-kind eats will take him next?

It’s no surprise Bigfoot found his home in the most #RelentlesslyOriginal place to work, live and play. Discover the lifestyle for yourself by exploring and following @choosewichita on Instagram.

bigfoot brian in downtown wichita, kansas at public at the brickyard

Bigfoot Brian tried the whole menu at Public at the Brickyard. He said it was too hard to pick a favorite dish.

The #RelentlesslyOriginal Holiday Gift Guide

If you’re looking for average gifts, step aside. With family and friends across the country, you want to get them something relentlessly original – something unique to the Wichita region that they can’t receive from anywhere else. If that’s you, read on. Use this as a tool to make your holiday gift-giving the best it’s ever been.

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