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Make Your Mark and Live Bravely Onward

Written by LaShonda Garnes

Photo courtesy of Fidelity Bank

As a transplant to Wichita, my journey has been nothing short of amazing. I encountered new and challenging experiences when I moved from Chicago to Wichita, including a career transition from the private to the public sector. I became deeply connected to the community, discovered ways to engage with people and found avenues to give back in meaningful ways. In no time at all, I recognized that this was the place my family could call home for years to come.

Wichita is a special place where I’ve enjoyed countless opportunities to collaborate with individuals and organizations who all aspire to help build a city worth celebrating. Along my journey, I’ve had incredible professional experiences, such as being named the Director of Inclusion, Equity and Diversity at Fidelity Bank. As a fourth generation family-owned bank, Fidelity has always had an exceptional reputation. Experiencing the Fidelity family’s commitment to our Bravely Onward promise is inspiring. Whether we are giving millions of dollars to charitable organizations, spending thousands of hours volunteering, empowering our people to create a more inclusive workplace or finding innovative ways to activate our community, we are compelled to live Bravely Onward. This means doing the hard work, having the tough conversations and making progress on the issues that are important to our most essential asset, OUR PEOPLE.

Photo courtesy of LaShonda Garnes

Photo courtesy of LaShonda Garnes

My team members’ commitment to support young talent, meet people where they are and hear all voices is evident in the work I get to do each and every day. I am proud of the intentionality of decisions and dedication shown by our employees across the organization and the opportunities to work alongside leaders in the community.

Wichita is not a place you live in. It is a place that lives in you. I have found a home that welcomes my contributions and encourages me to help shape the future. I am a relentless Wichitan.

How I Found Belonging in Wichita: Ashley's Story

I started at AGH during my senior year at Wichita State University. When I received my bachelor’s degree in finance as a first generation Asian-American college graduate, I explored the different career paths that finance could bring. I decided to stay in Wichita after I was offered a full-time associate position at AGH. I didn’t realize that by pursuing this opportunity, I would grow to love my community, profession and find belonging here in Wichita.

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