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#RelentlesslyOriginal Local Cuisine: Comfort Food Edition

When Kansas wind is surging and hunger strikes, the name of the game is comfort and warmth. Skip the microwave Ramen and try one of these relentlessly original Wichita restaurants, each boldly remastering the meaning of comfort food.

man enjoying a sandwich at tanya's soup kitchen in wichita, kansas

Tanya’s Soup Kitchen revolutionizes common comfort food into unexpected and delicious creations. Its sandwiches embrace original flavors and unexpected combinations, like smoked turkey with blueberry barbeque sauce or sliced chicken with apricot relish. The soup menu changes almost daily, featuring original recipes – like vegan corn and cauliflower chowder – and creative takes on well-known dishes. You can have Tanya’s one-of-a-kind soups at home, too, by purchasing from its series of cookbooks.

When you’re craving a warm, homemade meal, Gabby’s Peruvian Restaurant is the place to go. Savor fresh, authentic Peruvian fare such as arroz chaufa and seco de carne to satisfy your craving of comfort food in a cozy atmosphere. Named the best Latin eatery in the state by Buzzfeed, patrons commonly praise this local restaurant for its creative cuisine, tasteful atmosphere and fantastic service. And, it’s a favorite of popular local food blogger, Wichita by E.B., who says “In the world of Peruvian food, you can’t find any better comfort than Gabby’s.”

From outstanding and diverse food to forward-thinking businesses and start-ups, innovation is the region’s life work. Discover more of the relentlessly original lifestyle at the link below.

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Imagine a workplace created with you in mind. No lonely cubicles, dugout vibes or fluorescent lighting. Instead, there is an employee café, a rooftop terrace and numerous wellness rooms. When Cargill Protein built its new headquarters in Wichita’s urban core, its top goal was to create a workspace that brought in the best and brightest minds to tackle challenges.

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