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Wearing Her Resume On Her Sleeve

Written by Emily Younger

Surreal. Life-changing. Unforgettable.

Eva Weber, 24, never thought she would be on track to attaining her dream job in her dream city of Wichita until an encounter at the Greater Wichita Partnership’s annual meeting presented a bold opportunity.

“I was kind of shocked,” said WSU Tech student Eva Weber.

Weber, who aspires of becoming a Physician’s Assistant, was one of a handful of students from the University of Kansas, Wichita State University and WSU Tech selected to attend the Partnership’s annual meeting; a meeting highlighting the economic wins and opportunities in the Greater Wichita region.

With a focus on attracting and retaining dynamic talent, the students not only worked at the event, but they were able to network with industry leaders in attendance. Enter Ascension Via Christi St. Joseph President Robyn Chadwick.

“My sister ended up bumping into Robyn Chadwick,” Weber said. “She told her that she had a twin that was closer to the front door.”

Weber, who was sporting a Partnership “Don’t Make Me Move” branded sweatshirt with a QR code linking people to her resume, was welcoming guests when Chadwick introduced herself.

“Robyn just went right up to me and said, ‘I met your twin further back here and I heard you are wanting to go into medicine,’” Weber explained.

Reba and Eva Weber pose for a selfie at the Partnership's annual meeting. Courtesy: Eva Weber

Local college students were invited to work the Greater Wichita Partnership's Annual Meeting and had the opportunity to introduce themselves to board members and other influential leaders of Wichita.

A quick scan of the QR code on Weber’s sleeve and up popped the Goddard native’s resume detailing her Pre-PA and Biomedical majors, President’s Student Advisory Council Chair position and volunteer work.

“She (Chadwick) is like, ‘I can get you the interview, but you have to sell yourself to them,’” Weber said.

Sell, she did! After an extensive interview process, Weber landed the job. She started at Ascension Via Christi St. Joseph as a full-time patient care technician in March, a few short months after meeting Chadwick at the Partnership’s annual meeting.

“I was so excited to welcome Eva on her first day at St. Joseph! She is very excited to be starting her budding career in healthcare. She has goals to accomplish and with our tuition reimbursement programs, we can help make those goals attainable. I hope that she will love this organization and build a career at Ascension,” said Chadwick.

Weber said she already feels at home at St. Joseph, adding her new position is the stepping-stone she had dreamt of as she looks to pursue a medical career in Wichita following graduation.

“I love the environment. I honestly would be very happy if I got hired on at Ascension after I am completely done with school,” Weber explained.

Weber is part of WSU Tech’s Shocker Pathway Program. She will transition to Wichita State University in the fall. Her twin sister, Reba, plans to follow suit. If all goes as planned, the twins will call the Wichita region home for many more years to come, a success for the Partnership’s “Don’t Make Me Move” campaign.

Eva Weber smiles during her first week of her new job at Ascension Via Christi St. Joseph. Courtesy: Ascension Via Christi

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