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Three Insta-Worthy Fall Spots in Wichita

There are a plethora of places in Wichita to take a one-of-a-kind photo, but the change in season makes some spots particularly fantastic. At these three locations, you can savor some of your favorite things about fall – warm-colored leaves, spooky vibes and cozy drinks – and get those Insta-worthy and #RelentlesslyOriginal snapshots.

Bartlett Arboretum

This century-old arboretum is located less than half an hour from Wichita. As autumn dawns, it becomes a mosaic of crimson, pumpkin orange and bright yellow. It’s no surprise that this magnificent outdoor space is popular for weddings, events and concerts. The creek, bridge and acres upon acres of flowers and trees make it impossible to take a bad photo. Make the most of your trip by attending a family-friendly concert featuring local and regional legends.

family at the bartlett arboretum in belle plaine, near wichita, kansas

Photos by Jenelle Robinson,

IG @jrobinsonbranding

fall bridge at the bartlett arboretum in belle plaine near wichita, kansas
couple posing at the bartlett arboretum in belle plaine, near wichita, kansas

Leslie Coffee Co.

Leslie Coffee Co. sits in the corner of a historic building in Wichita’s Delano district. The developers retained its original historic vibe while adding modern touches, including a deep teal ceiling, gold accents, unique light fixtures and custom-designed wallpaper. Paired with one of its cozy seasonal drinks in hand, like the s’mores latte or new “Fall is in the Pear,” Leslie Coffee Co. makes for a notable backdrop to reign in the new season.

latte art at leslie coffee co in delano, downtown wichita, kansas
girl smiling at leslie coffee co in delano, downtown wichita, kansas

Spider Sculpture in Gallery Alley

If spooky is more your speed, visit artist Mike Miller’s sculpture titled “Machine-Nature Interface 88 (Arachnid).” The car-sized spider can be found at Gallery Alley in downtown Wichita, a once-underutilized alley transformed into a vibrant public space for art. At night, the body of the spider glows violet, further enticing visitors to take that Insta-worthy selfie. Arachnophobics beware.

As you explore the Wichita region and share your wicked-cool photos on social media, use #RelentlesslyOriginal to join the conversation. Follow @choosewichita on Instagram to check out all that’s relentlessly original about working, living and playing in the Wichita region.


 The next big thing, a hidden gem and the best kept secret are all vast understatements for the Wichita region’s tech industry. How do you describe a sector that has deep roots in the local economy, thriving start-ups and an ever-growing list of diverse job opportunities? “Relentlessly original” is a start. In Wichita, you can pursue a successful career in tech your way.

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