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Festive Entertainment, Where to Find it in Wichita

By Emily Younger Barnwell

Dive into a world of sizzling tacos, try on some sneakers that redefine coolness or taste a tantalizing mojito. But wait, who is the visionary behind these sensational Wichita experiences?

Introducing Nnanna Okpara, the founder, owner and director of Festive ICT, a Wichita entertainment company dedicated to bringing diverse events (aka tacos, sneakers, mojitos and more) to the Wichita region.

“We create joyful experiences in our communities,” explained Okpara.

Okpara, a Nigerian native who moved to Wichita more than 20 years ago, set out to transform Wichita’s entertainment scene in 2017.

“I felt Wichita needed a wider variety of events than it had at the time. Instead of complaining about what we didn’t have, I decided to build it myself,” he said.

Build, he did. Festive ICT has grown from a 5-person team to more than ten dynamic individuals. The company, based on the idea that “different people want different experiences” offers the following varied events:

  • Shop & Grub: a monthly market featuring more than 50 locally owned businesses.
  • Kansas Sneaker Fest: a sneaker convention for young sneakerheads, vintage collectors and streetwear lovers to share their love for the sneaker culture.
  • Wichita Taco Fest: the ultimate food festival in Kansas showcasing Wichita’s authentic taco scene.
  • ICT Brunch Fest: a yearly brunch event highlighting local restaurants, food trucks and caterers.
  • Margaritas & Mojitos: a premier cocktail tasting event featuring local establishments and their handcrafted drinks.
  • Festive Hoop Jam: an exhibition basketball event showcasing a diverse and skilled group of renowned popular athletes.

“We have a great local culture, stellar food scene, lots of talented artists and people with great ideas and the confidence to go after what they believe. Wichita is the place to be!” emphasized Okpara.

While Festive ICT has witnessed great success, Okpara is swift to add the above events, many of which support local nonprofits, are part of a grander group of entertainment options in Wichita.

“There are countless establishments and individuals that believe in this city, and they put their blood, sweat and tears into making sure Wichita is an exciting place to be,” he said.

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