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FROM DOWNTOWN LIVING TO DOMESTIC BLISS: Find the Neighborhood Vibe that Fits Your Life

Wichita offers the best of both worlds: bold city life and peaceful neighborhood vibes. Enjoy a tree-covered neighborhood during the day and rock out at Public at the Brickyard in the middle of downtown after dark. Uncover downtown’s first-ring neighborhoods Riverside or College Hill for an unexpected mix of historic homes and new developments. Each are within a five-minute walk to the Q-Line trolley to downtown.

Founded in 1886 in the bend of the Little Arkansas, Riverside is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Wichita with a mix of whimsical cottages and romantic residences. It’s complete with a golf course, mini-zoo, castle, several parks and quaint local shops. Residents of Riverside have a distinctive pride for where they live – so much so that extensive effort has been made to maintain the distinct je ne sais quoi the area possesses.

Two-story brick home in historic Riverside neighborhood in Wichita Kansas

Nestled along Douglas Avenue, you’ll find the inimitable College Hill neighborhood. While it’s not known for a college or a hill anymore, it is known for its jaunty brick roads, mix of eclectic architecture and elaborate holiday decorations. College Hill is a close neighborhood to downtown with most amenities within biking distance. You can see College Hill through the eyes of residents on Instagram.

pinnacle realty group small home in college hill wichita kansas photo by tobie andrews
Photo by Tobie Andrews Real Estate Photography for Pinnacle Realty Group at Berkshire Hathaway

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Living in downtown Wichita is an unparalleled experience. It’s for the live-music lover, the art enthusiast, the trendy professional whose office is a block away and the urbanist who wants to be in the middle of it all. With thirty residential properties to choose from, there’s a place to live your best life.

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