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Living the Green Life: Sustainability in Wichita

couple planting flowers at home in college hill, wichita kansas

Wichita is not getting pinched this St. Patrick’s Day. With a plethora of green initiatives, residents and businesses find innovative ways to give the earth some love. The city offers 100 percent electric, zero emission public transportation, nearly 300 bikes available through Bike Share ICT and hundreds of battery-powered scooters for rent. From apartments to local produce, here’s a glimpse at a few of the region’s sustainability efforts.

Swipe to view more photos of the #RelentlesslyOriginal life at The LUX.

The eight-story building at First and Market in downtown Wichita was initially built as office space in 1954. Today, it’s an 86-unit apartment building with an unparalleled sense of community and that unique ‘50s charm. As a LEED-certified building, The LUX is designed with recyclable and green materials to have lower greenhouse gas emissions, less landfill waste and more conservative use of energy and water. The complex has a green rooftop (check out this view) and a third-floor patio for lounging. Plus, all residents receive a free Bike Share ICT membership, free recycling, energy-efficient appliances and easy access to the free Q-Line trolley.

historical and modern photo of the lux apartments in downtown wichita kansas

If suburban or rural living is more your thing, Nudge Compost redirects food waste from the landfill by offering accessible compost services to residents and businesses. Finished compost is used to nourish community gardens, including at two Wichita public elementary schools that teach young students about gardening. The efforts of Nudge Compost have diverted 98,511 pounds of waste since 2018. That’s the amount of garbage one person produces in 71 years. Impressive.

kids helping with local business nudge compost in wichita kansas
kids helping with local business nudge compost in wichita kansas

Nudge Compost and The LUX are only two of the green efforts in the Wichita region – passionate locals spearhead and support efforts every day. Learn more about the relentlessly original life in Wichita at the link below.

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