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Collaborate and Innovate: Working at IMA

Written by Abigail Werhan

When I moved back to Wichita after being away for five years, many people asked me why. Looking at different opportunities in Dallas, Houston, Miami, Kansas City, Beijing and Milan, it never crossed my mind that Wichita would be at the top of my list – but I quickly realized the city is spearheading the charge in innovation.

When I started working at IMA Financial Group, I was surprised at how many people wanted me to be successful. They provided opportunities, feedback and resources both personally and professionally. The perspectives and collaboration I witnessed from people of different backgrounds, genders, ethnicities, sexual orientation and socioeconomic status created innovative solutions that cannot be generated with just one person. I realized that’s why IMA has a demonstrated commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion – specifically in our hiring and community outreach. We are better when there are more voices not only heard, but valued.

At IMA, we work with employers around the country to provide innovative solutions and data-driven strategies by emphasizing the value of collaboration. The result allows companies to invest in their people while making the most of their resources.

Recently, we brought together several of our clients to develop a system that would improve their community’s health care system. If successful, it would lower health care costs for their residents and increase quality of care, all while saving money for our clients. The community impact would be remarkable – and now, we’re helping the clients work together to make it happen. Knowing I’m making a difference with a values-driven and innovative organization is incredible.

Growing up in Wichita, I always thought the city was unique. Now that I’ve made a career here, I have a new appreciation for our ability to solve problems and lift each other up. Just recently, I met a mutual friend at an event and it led to an opportunity to volunteer for their organization. I love how the Wichita region is a big small town – we have that small town sense of connection and community with the amenities of a big city. When one of us gets knocked down, we don’t just help each other up – we work together to provide better ways to stand.

Our city is at the forefront of opportunity because of the innovative spirit that exists in every individual and organization, including IMA. So, when people ask me “Why Wichita?” my only response is “Why not?” The opportunities to collaborate, innovate and create your own legacy are unparalleled.

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