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A PLACE WITH PURPOSE: How Volunteer Opportunities Power Innovation

There are certain words and phrases lost in a Wichitan’s vocabulary: “all talk and no action” and “someone else will do it,” to name a couple. Fidelity Bank, Spirit AeroSystems and Textron Aviation break the mold of complacency brought by that mindset. Both use their resources and influence for the greater good. And, they urge their employees to give back to the community by volunteering. The result: courageous thinking about making Wichita better – driving innovation in both company culture and the community.

Fidelity Bank volunteers for Numana in wichita kansas

Fidelity Bank employees volunteered more than 9,450 hours in 2018, most while wearing their bright red "Bravely Onward" t-shirts. 

Fidelity Bank powers innovation by being a model of inventive problem-solving. Seeing a need-based gap in the community, the bank developed the Bravely Onward Fund at the Wichita Community Foundation to grow the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the greater Wichita area. This fund does not just complement Wichita’s entrepreneurial spirit; it has also amplified innovation in an under-served population by funding grants that assist local minority business owners with low-interest loans to expand and improve their businesses. By encouraging employees to think “Bravely Onward” inside the bank walls and beyond, the company challenges employees to give back through impactful efforts and innovative ideas. For example, Fidelity Bank employees volunteered more than 9,450 hours in 2018. Committing time and talents to moving Wichita forward is a special part of the Fidelity culture.

Spirit AeroSystems of Wichita Kansas pose with Tom Gentile and fellow employees at the Habitat for Humanity Air Capital Build in 2019

Spirit AeroSystems employees, including Spirit CEO and President Tom Gentile, pose with a home for the 2019 Habitat for Humanity Air Capital Build.

Textron Aviation employee volunteers for the Habitat for Humanity Air Capital Build in Wichita Kansas 2019

A Textron Aviation volunteer works toward completing a home for Habitat for Humanity. The Air Capital Build brought together the employees from not only Spirit AeroSystems and Textron Aviation, but multiple suppliers to build brand-new homes for three local families. 

Spirit AeroSystems and Textron Aviation – the two largest private employers in Wichita – both have a long history of supporting Habitat for Humanity through employee giving and volunteering. Recognizing the potential impact of combined resources, the two companies came together to coordinate the “Air Capital Build” initiative, an effort to involve the entire aviation community in giving back. As the Air Capital of the World, Wichita is home to more than 450 aviation suppliers and manufacturers of all different sizes. The Air Capital Build brought together the employees from not only Spirit and Textron Aviation, but multiple suppliers to build brand-new homes for three local families. This collective effort is a proclamation that innovation – both in the office and outside – is embedded in Wichita’s DNA.

Learn more about the build including the companies that participated and the home dedication at

In Wichita, innovation is driven by company culture and volunteerism. Find your perfect employer.


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