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Unleashing Greatness: Real Men Real Heroes

Written by Cameron Morgan, past Teen Hero participant of Real Men Real Heroes

During my junior year of high school, I joined the Real Men Real Heroes Teen Hero program. This program would do more for me than I thought possible – and even make me reconsider where to start my career.

Teen Heroes is a program within Real Men Real Heroes that creates a bridge between high school students and students - or Future Heroes - as young as third grade. All Real Men Real Heroes' programs are anchored in the credo that Heroes are Honorable, Exemplary, Responsible and Optimistic. Through trial and tribulation, I took the meaning of the term “HERO” to heart.

“Real Men Real Heroes really thrives to help these students become the best versions of themselves. We want to help them recognize their significance as individuals and to see what greatness can come when they combine their strengths and work together. We believe all of our youth have the potential to be something amazing, we just want to help them navigate that journey.” –Kyle Ellison, Executive Director of Real Men Real Heroes, Inc.

While I was a Teen Hero, I was fortunate to network with people like actor Ernie Hudson and mentors in the community, who showed me the dividends of hard work. After meeting and receiving mentorship from these incredible people, us Teen Heroes visited local elementary and middle schools to set a similar example for the kids who may not have realized their full potential or just needed a glimpse of how bright their futures are. One day after a speaking engagement, a little girl walked up to a fellow Teen Hero and said, “I knew people like us could do great things!”

“I like Real Men Real Heroes because... everything that they taught us has helped me in my life... The leaders made me feel secure in the program and helped boost my confidence.” –Future Hero participant

During the time I had spent with the Teen Heroes, I uncovered my passion of working with kids and decided to alter the course of my 10-year plan. Initially, I intended to study architecture at Kansas State University, but I decided that wasn’t the highest and best use of my time. Instead, I decided to attend Wichita State University and study communication in an effort to give back to my community.

The newfound passion I developed as a result of becoming a role model for kids has completely altered my path to success. To this day, that support system and the men I have met along the way still provide me with the guidance and tools to excel in whatever I choose to do. These types of experiences are what make Wichita such a unique place to live – this community is incredibly supportive and friendly. From our enormous grain elevator mural to our beautiful skyline, Wichita is one of a kind because we choose – and work – to make it that way.

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