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Welcome to Wichita

Whether you’re a spouse, companion or life partner, your perspective during the relocation process is vital. Know that there is a place for you to make your mark in the Wichita region with passionate communities to provide support and help you thrive. An abundance of opportunity awaits.

Use the resources on this page and explore the site for more insight on housing, family-friendly experiences and arts and culture.

Wichita is home to a thriving, diverse community of doers, creators and entrepreneurs, driven by robust industries such as aviation and advanced manufacturing, technology and transportation & logistics. A robust support system is in place to help you grow as a professional and create connections to make your mark on the region. Take advantage of the resources listed below to expand your possibilities.

Discover more tools for finding a job on the Resources for Job Seekers page.

Here, you’ll find a community that geeks out over the same things you do. Whether it’s owning your own business, art, astronomy or finding the best craft beer, your people are here to share the love. The Wichita region has numerous resources to help you get connected and thrive, including co-working spaces, professional development and extra-curricular organizations. To start, connect with a local by clicking the button below.

Check out the Get Involved page for special interest organizations and volunteer opportunities.

The community hits above its fighting weight in fun with plenty to explore. With more time for your time, indulge in global cuisines, craft breweries, world-class arts and music, expansive parks and more than 100 miles of outdoor paths. There is a diverse range of events, festivals and activities to experience for every age and interest found only in the Wichita region. The list below only scratches the surface. 

Check out more #RelentlesslyOriginal things to do in the Wichita region on the Events page or download the Wichita Bucketlist.

Listen to a Local's Perspective

Local entrepreneur Kristen Spear takes advantage of Wichita's abundance of weekend activities - all within a 30-minute drive of the urban core.

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