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Living Here is Living Well

It’s not often a place strikes the right balance between affordability and accessibility. Many people sacrifice either affordable housing or cultural amenities. In larger cities, it’s common to overpay for smaller living spaces with little left for enjoying all the culture has to offer. People who move to Wichita say it’s the best of both worlds — an affordable location, plenty to see and do, and more money to travel everywhere. Just listen to this local's perspective.

With a cost of living nearly ten percent below the national average, living in Wichita means living well. Existing home prices average around $148,000 and rental costs for two-bedroom apartments average $700/month. That means keeping a healthy balance in the bank to use anywhere, anytime. The cost of living calculator below will reveal how much you can save by moving to the Wichita region - including up-to-date salary equivalents, the cost of groceries and more.

Overall Cost of Living Index
Urban AreaIndex
Oklahoma City, OK


Tulsa, OK87.9
St. Louis, MO-IL88.4
Wichita, KS90.4
Kansas City, MO-KS


Omaha, NE


Colorado Springs, CO


Dallas, TX


Denver, CO


Los Angeles-Long Beach, CA


Seattle, WA


Source: C2ER Cost-of-Living Survey (3rd Quarter 2018)
National = Average of 268 participating urban areas

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