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It's time for a reintroduction. Wichita's passion and grit remains relentless, but a lot has changed. Your box of local goodies was just a glimpse - this is your source to dive deeper into what's new. Peruse jobs, look at houses, compare costs and read about boomerangs living their best lives here. Wichita is making a comeback. Now, it's your turn. 

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What's New?

  • Riverfront Stadium, Home of the Wichita Wind Surge

  • Gleo Mural

  • Naftzger Park

  • Gallery Alley

  • Sedgwick County Zoo

  • The Belmont

  • River Vista Apartments

"I love that in the past 10 years the city and its offerings have gotten much more sophisticated. The city has things to do and fun options to choose from, yet it's small enough that you can really know your neighbors." –Elizabeth Cochran, prior resident of Los Angeles and New York City

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You're coming back to a community welcoming you with open arms. Meet a few Wichitans that made the move.

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