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'No Shortage of Creativity': Texas native and marketer chooses Wichita

Written by Emily Younger

From New Braunfels to Wichita. A Texas native, who has lived in different parts of the Lone Star State, Tennessee, California, and Missouri refers to her new home in the Greater Wichita region as “magical.”

“If someone is considering moving to or visiting the Wichita area, I would emphatically say to go for it! One of the coolest things about Wichita is that its magic can’t really be replicated, you just have to come experience it for yourself,” said Olivia Hayse.

The experience for Hayse, 34, began in 2018. That’s when she and her husband and two sons, now 8 and 15 years old, bought a peaceful plot of land just outside the Air Capital of the World.

“We wanted enough land to homestead but also wanted to be close enough to all the modern amenities of a city,” Hayse explained. “We really do have the best of both rural and urban Kansas at our fingertips.”

From more than 50 museums and art galleries and 1,000+ restaurants, breweries and bars, Hayse agrees the vibrant Greater Wichita region offers a mix of enjoyment for everyone.

When asked to rattle off some of the “surprises” she’s discovered since moving to the area – she proudly spoke about the arts and the kind people who make Wichita #RelentlesslyOriginal.

“There is no shortage of creativity. Whether it’s a new mural, a new business, a new product - the artists and makers here are always doing their thing. Also, even among all those creatives there is a supportive atmosphere here that you don’t always feel in other cities.” –Olivia Hayse

When looking to move her family to Wichita, a supportive atmosphere was at the top of Hayse’s list. The homeschool teacher who also helps manage the family chicken and produce farm, is the digital marketing professional and author behind The Mama Marketer, a popular blog and podcast dedicated to the life of a modern mom.

“My overall mission is to help other women accomplish their life goals. I just love seeing the people around me living their best lives and thriving. A big part of how I do that is the content I share on my blog, podcast and social media channels,” she said.

From interviews with Wichita food bloggers to professional health, fitness, and family advice, The Mama Marketer encourages individuals to proudly embrace their unique qualities and find a home within themselves; just as Hayse and her family have found a home in Wichita.

In addition to her marketing, farm, and teaching duties, Hayse works in event planning, photography, design and most recently published “Crooked Paths Straight,” a book detailing her faith and experiences.

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