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Passion for the Arts Leads California Musician to Wichita

By Emily Younger Barnwell

From vocally appearing on the hit TV show Glee to performing backup for musical sensations Barry Manilow and the Rolling Stones, Rayvon T.J. Moore is accustomed to the spotlight.

The Compton, California native, who most recently called Los Angeles and Rochester, New York home, is now sharing his musical talents with the vibrant community of Wichita.

“Wichita’s music scene is very strong and steadily growing,” noted Rayvon.

Rayvon and his wife, Brittany, moved to Wichita in May 2020. That’s when the 32-year-old started his position as the director of choral studies at Friends University. He conducts the Singing Quakers and serves as the artistic director of the Wichita Chamber Chorale.

“We felt at home in Wichita. There was a really good vibe that almost made it seem like we had always lived here,” Rayvon shared.

Despite never having set foot in Kansas before his job visit, the couple was amazed, almost caught off guard, by the city’s unique offerings and the community’s warm welcome.

“We were expecting dirt roads, no highways and limited streetlights,” laughed Rayvon.

“We were pleasantly surprised by the arts, music, food and entertainment scenes in Wichita,” added Brittany, an Atlanta native. “I strongly believe the people here are what makes Wichita unique. I feel like I have found “my people” here, in comparison to other places! People speak to you as you walk by, or chat with you while waiting in lines, and when they ask how you’re doing, they really mean it.”

Rayvon said the city’s arts scene is equally exceptional – with individuals willing to help one another.

“A few of my Wichita colleagues have been intentional about creating collaborations so that we can support one another which is really unique and I think can help push our arts scene further,” he explained. “The community is very supportive of the arts. I, and so many of my friends and colleagues, directly benefit from their generosity as it takes a lot to run these organizations.”

Combined with Wichita’s growing theatre and opera opportunities, Rayvon has been able to explore all his musical interests, an experience he believes may not have been possible elsewhere.

“We have opportunities for professional and amateur singers and instrumentalists to take part in singing and playing. We have a number of musical theatre opportunities with leading professionals who perform and/or work in Wichita,” he said.

As for Brittany, who works as a hospice registered nurse, she is delighted to call Wichita home citing the easy commute and quick access to high-quality amenities.

“Wichita is easy living as I call it. No matter what side of town you’re on, you’re close to anything you need! Within five minutes, we are at delicious food, a mall, etc.,” Brittany said. “The slower pace allows for building a very supportive community here, and doing things that matter most in life – spending time and making memories with friends and family.”

As their journey unfolds in Wichita, Rayvon and Brittany continue to discover a blend of artistic fulfillment and a warm community, making the city not just a place to live but a home for their passions and shared musical moments.

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