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What Makes Residents Love Riverside

Written by Julian Liby

My girlfriend Maggie and I had some serious FOMO when it came to life in Riverside. We knew the neighborhood was historic and peaceful, but we didn’t know just how much we were missing out on until we settled in. That’s when we noticed the many nuances of Riverside that make it so original. 

After moving in to a house we fell in love with, we started taking daily walks around the neighborhood with our Siberian Husky, Max. Hitting Riverside on foot has been, hands-down, the best way for us to meet our neighbors, as well as their furry friends. In fact, we learned the names of the neighborhood dogs before the names of their owners! Max enjoys playing with Cooper the Goldendoodle, who lives on our street, and Rocco the Pitbull who lives a couple blocks over.

One of the many things we love about living in Riverside is being so close to downtown Wichita. We enjoy the vibe of living in a small, friendly community with the added benefit of being within a five-minute drive of the urban core. It only takes us 10 minutes into our usual walk around Oak Park for the city’s skyline to come into view. Seeing the tip of the Epic Center and the Garvey Center stripes poking through the trees gives me this nice feeling of being able to enjoy my community while knowing that the excitement and amenities of downtown are just around the corner.

If we feel like Max really needs to get those doggy steps in, we’ll walk to Riverside Park. We always see people out enjoying the community spaces: disc golfers, bikers, kayakers, Pokemon Go-ers and fellow dog walkers – everyone is accounted for. 

When it’s warm out, we take “date detours” on our walks and treat ourselves to coffee (or a chai tea in my case) at R Coffeehouse – a quaint Riverside coffee shop with authentic hipster vibes – or grab some locally-made pizza just across the street at Cool Breeze Pizza. (Our favorite ‘za order from them is the Jimmy Pesto Pizza, in case you were curious.)

Life in Riverside is truly an experience, and it’s one best enjoyed by getting out and taking advantage of everything this amazing neighborhood has to offer. From the people, community spaces and the neighborhood’s proximity to downtown Wichita, there are so many things that make living in Riverside #RelentlesslyOriginal.

Live life zealously - learn more about life in this #RelentlesslyOriginal region. 


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