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The Buzz on The Hive: A Women-Focused Coworking Space in Wichita

COVID-19 has changed the world in a lot of ways. One effect that’s projected to stick around? Working from home. Fortunately, The Hive has been perfecting the remote work experience since 2018. As a women-focused community and coworking space in Wichita, it’s a sanctuary for professionals and entrepreneurs alike.

The Hive Wichita encompasses the first floor of the historic Orpheum Theatre building in downtown Wichita. With 10 offices, a yoga studio, kitchenette, meditation room, meeting spaces and a soundproof recording studio, the cherry on top is a community that will make you feel like you can run the world. 

There are nearly 200 Hive members - or "Bees" - age 18 to over 70, from engineers and company leaders to elected officials and artists. They come together for a common goal: to empower and develop women in leadership by building authentic relationships in a supportive environment. Whether they rent an office or not, Bees at every level have access to a like-minded, passionate and collaborative community ready to cheer them on.

“You can make something of yourself in Wichita – you can be here and make an impact. There’s a reason my focus is on Wichita. This is the best place for a unique concept like The Hive to succeed." –Andrea Hattan, Founder of The Hive Wichita

Andrea Hattan, founder of The Hive, has professionals and entrepreneurs come to the space for a quiet, distraction-free place to work – no pets, laundry or kids – with all the coffee and high-speed internet they need to maximize their time.

  • stacy griner at coworking space the hive wichita

    Stacy Griner, Founder of SMG Wellness

  • jovana johnson at coworking space the hive wichita

    Jovana Johnson, Owner of Worthy Warrior

  • audra dinell at coworking space the hive wichita

    Audra Dinell, Founder of The Thread

  • lacey cruse at coworking space the hive wichita

    Lacey Cruse, Sedgwick County Commissioner

Read a few reasons why local women in business love The Hive:

“I used to work from home and coffee shops and continually manage entrepreneurial isolation. I now put on pants every single day and go to work at the best spot in town.” - Sarah Y. 

"I am so thrilled to have found such an amazing space filled with wonderfully positive and uplifting people." - Chantal Cox

"Looking for like-minded ladies who are full of life, energy and motivation? Buzz by The Hive! It has been a great resource and I’ve made lasting connections that I would not trade for the world." - Shana S.

As remote work, coworking spaces and women-owned businesses rise across the nation, there’s only one place where you can find this #RelentlesslyOriginal community: Wichita. Learn more and take a virtual tour of The Hive at, or join the public Facebook group.

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During my junior year of high school, I joined the Real Men Real Heroes Teen Hero program. This program would do more for me than I thought possible – and even make me reconsider where to start my career.

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