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An Abundance of Opportunity: Textron Aviation Intern's Choice to Work in Wichita

Written by Lauren Howell, 2020 Textron Aviation Intern

I always questioned, of all places, why was I born and raised in Wichita, Kansas. It wasn’t until I discovered my passion for aviation that I realized how incredibly lucky I was to grow up in the Air Capital of the World.

Like many high school seniors, I was tempted to leave my hometown and continue my education in a different city. With less than a month before I planned to put Wichita in my rear-view mirror, an opportunity arose to intern at Textron Aviation.

I spent the summer after my senior year of high school coordinating flights at the Textron Aviation Employees’ Flying Club. This led to my current role as a human resources intern supporting Textron Aviation’s mission of engaging K-12 students and providing more opportunities for youth to pursue successful careers in the Wichita community. I was able to start building my career while beginning my college education at Wichita State University.

The opportunities available here make working in Wichita relentlessly original. –Textron Aviation Intern Lauren Howell

The opportunities available here make working in Wichita relentlessly original. Even if you are not an aviation guru like I am, there are countless avenues for you to pursue your passion and invest in your future. Working in workforce development, I have seen how dedicated our community is to growth.

If you are passionate about performing arts, ask about volunteering or shadowing at Music Theatre Wichita. If your dream is to work for the New York Times someday, start by asking one of several local news outlets to intern or shadow. Our community wants to see your passion.

With nearly twenty years of living in this inspiring city, I can confidently say there is nowhere else I would rather pursue my dream of becoming a pilot. Hopefully, I too will get to fly myself across the downtown skyline. Until then, I will continue spending my time working in Wichita for a company who is as equally passionate about aviation as I am.


Wichita is turning 150 years young this summer. It’s seen a lot in the last century and a half, but one thing remains the same – Wichitans are tenacious, determined and innovative. In honor of the city’s sesquicentennial, here’s a list of 50 reasons why this is the #RelentlesslyOriginal place to work, live and play.
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