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Stripe Employees Make Great Wichitans

Hey there, Stripe employees. Ever experienced Wichita, Kansas? It's your best option for relocation. Even with a pay reduction, your dollars will go further here, allowing you to get more out of life. The Wichita region has big-city amenities with a community vibe - one reason why this is the #RelentlesslyOriginal place to work, live and play. Find more reasons below. 

Three Reasons Why Wichita is the Best Place to Work Remote

1. A lower cost of living means getting more out of life.

It’s not often a place strikes the right balance between affordability and accessibility. Many people sacrifice either affordable housing or cultural amenities. In larger cities, it’s common to overpay for smaller living spaces with little left for enjoying all the culture has to offer. People who move to Wichita say it’s the best of both worlds — an affordable location, plenty to see and do, and more money to travel everywhere. Just listen to this local's perspective.

2. It's one of the fastest growing tech centers in the nation.

The ten-county region is home to more than 110 tech companies specializing in many different facets. Cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, software engineering, mobile app development and automation only scratch the surface of the region’s capabilities. Named one of the fastest growing tech centers in the nation by the Brookings Institute, Wichita offers the opportunity for career growth and an abundance of jobs.

3. There's a plethora of co-working spaces and communities just for you.

Organizations such as devICT, FlagshipKansas.Tech and NXTUS support the technology ecosystem by keeping up with the latest trends and changes in the industry and hosting hackathons, networking events and bootcamps. Five local coworking spaces complement those organizations by fostering community and innovation amongst their diverse member base.

  • For example, Groover Labs provides space to connect technology and product development with a wood shop, metal shop, electronics lab, fabrication lab and collaboration space in a historic 44,000-square-foot space. 

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