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Investor Toolkit

Thank you for being an integral part of the Greater Wichita Partnership.

We know how crucial it is for your business to have the right talent, and we are here to work alongside you in your efforts. We want to equip you with all the tools that you need to attract and retain talent. This page includes all the publicly accessible materials on the Employer Toolkit and additional resources geared only for our investors.

Download the talent materials below.

Questions or looking for printed materials? Contact the Greater Wichita Partnership at 316.500.6650.


The purpose of the Choose Wichita initiative is to tell the relentlessly original stories of the businesses and residents of the Wichita region, while showcasing the unique attributes, characteristics and job opportunities that make Wichita a key choice for talent.

Welcome to Wichita

This tri-fold document offers a glimpse of what it’s like to work, live and play in the Wichita region. It’s ideal for recruiting students and employees that are unfamiliar with the region and can be used to start a conversation about finding a job here. Place this piece in welcome packets, use during out-of-state career fairs or give to job candidates from outside the region.


Welcome to Wichita: A Guide for Students

With this new guide, you can speak directly to what students are looking for: career opportunities, meaningful relationships and dynamic experiences. This new resource is based on focus groups with college students and insight into what Gen Z is seeking in a job and community.


A Perfect Day in Wichita

This document encourages visitors to experience relentlessly original activities in Wichita. It can be given to job candidates, prospective students and families visiting from outside the region - or anyone that wants to explore what Wichita has to offer. From museums to coffee stops, there’s something for every age and interest.


Choose Wichita Logo

The Choose Wichita logo can be placed on your organization's career page or as you see fit. We recommend directing talent to and to each of the Choose Wichita social media pages, as well. You can download the logo as a pngjpg or eps file.

Hype Video

A one-minute video to showcase Wichita's unique personality, quality of life and vibe. Show your audience that Wichita is the ideal place to work, live and play. Download and use during presentations, share with external talent or your internal team to showcase the relentlessly original life in Wichita. 


Welcome to Wichita: Partner Edition

This brochure and accompanying webpage were strategically created for life partners, spouses and companions of someone considering a job in the Wichita region. You can offer this tool during the interview process for your candidate's partner during relocation and decision making. 


Wichita Bucketlist

Talent is often curious about what hotspots and unique experiences are part of the Wichita culture. The Wichita bucketlist promotes exploring the city by highlighting ten must-do activities including experiences for art lovers, foodies, day trippers, event-goers and more. This document is great for employees, too.


Wichita Bucketlist - Spanish

The Spanish translation of the Wichita Bucketlist was created to make the document accessible to a diverse audience. The activities, restaurants and events mentioned are the same in both documents.

Comparison Guide

It’s not often a place strikes the right balance between affordability and accessibility. People who move to Wichita say it’s the best of both worlds — an affordable location, plenty to see and do and more money to travel everywhere. Use this guide as a visual representation to compare the cost of living in key midwest cities.


Key Messages

You already know how to tell your organization's unique story. With strategic key messages, you'll be prepared to talk about what sets Wichita apart from competing cities. This document serves as an easy reference when having conversations with talent considering a job in the area.


Tough Questions

The Tough Questions document lists frequently asked questions from talent that are potentially sensitive or difficult to answer. Equip your team to answer those challenging questions with tangible information and facts. Learn how to handle topics such as diversity, climate and politics with confidence.


Talent Presentation

Talk to new and prospective employees about Wichita with this presentation made just for talent. Highlight Wichita's amenities while discussing the key messages to attract talent to the Wichita region. We recommend downloading the Hype Video from this page to supplement the presentation. 


Recruit Wichita

Recruit Wichita is an event to explore culture, trends and tools to boldly attract talent to the region. Watch the recording from the Nov. 7, 2019 event on the Greater Wichita Partnership YouTube channel. You can watch the event sessions on YouTube and download the presentation slides here. Future events will be shared on Choose Wichita social channels.

That's Not All

In addition to the resources listed above, this site features more tools to aid in talent attraction efforts. The items below can be shared during career fairs, interviews or however your organization sees fit. 

Wichita Insiders are available to answer any and all questions about working, living and playing in Wichita.

The Choose Wichita Blog is updated bimonthly with content that showcases how Wichita is #RelentlesslyOriginal. 


Contact the Greater Wichita Partnership at 316.500.6650. You can also sign up to receive email updates on new tools to aid talent acquisition efforts by clicking the button below.

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