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Relentlessly Original Blog

This is where you'll find the nitty-gritty, behind-the-scenes look of the Wichita lifestyle. Read about diverse choices in homes and neighborhoods where you can live how you want. Discover how innovation is part of all careers in Wichita. Receive the inside scoop on the foremost places to eat, drink and play. Still have questions? Reach out to any one of our Insiders that are already living out the relentlessly original life in Wichita. 

Room to Roam: Welcome to Wide Open Spaces

If you want to be like the great outdoorsman Ron Swanson, now's your chance. Within a half hour drive (or less) of downtown Wichita, you’ll find your sweet spot. Build the workshop that you’ve been meaning to get to. Be the person in the office that owns chickens. Wear work boots and flannels one day and a suit the next. Why not build a gazebo or grow a garden? Click here to read more.